Marble Slab Creamery

Marble Slab Creamery has various locations around the Lower Mainland that offer some high-quality frozen treats, take-home or in-store.


The first time I had Marble Slab was a few weeks ago. We had dance practice in Richmond and decided to get an ice cream cone on the way home – there was a Marble Slab right there, so we chose swiss chocolate ice cream with Skor bits… It was a rainy evening so the store was empty.

It was really yummy but I don’t have any pictures! My favourite part about it was actually the waffle cone, which had a smoky/nutty (?) flavour. The ice cream itself was light in texture and had a very rich chocolate flavour.  Better than Haagen Dazs but not as good as Bella Gelateria 🙂 I love Skor with chocolate flavour – it’s a little chewy/crunchy! The cone was $4.95 (regular size with one mixin) which was plenty for us to share.

Marble Slab Creamery (Ironwood Plaza) on Urbanspoon

Well, we found that our E book had some Marble Slab coupons, and it was J’s birthday so he wanted to get some ice cream to take home! The coupon was buy 2 quarts get 1 free (a lot of ice cream ._.).


After dinner, we headed over to the store in Queensborough. They had another promotion on in-store: buy 1 quart get 1 50% off, and no tax. Less ice cream, same deal.

It took a while to decide what flavours to get.  They had plain ice cream flavours for $9.95/quart (1 litre) or “Tasty Creations” which had some candy and other “mixins” for $12.95/quart.

We decided on “Turtle” (like the candy) – praline ice cream, pecans, and ”

Our total was a little under $20 – it’s expensive stuff! They also gave us some coupons with our purchase, which were the same as our E book ones…


Looks pretty average, right? Tasting it at home, it wasn’t as good as fresh from in the store and we didn’t have a yummy waffle cone to go with it.  It was still very good ice cream though, smooth and rich, and the candy bits were good.  Super sweet, just the way I like it! I preferred peanut butter (swiss chocolate) over turtle (praline).

I would go back to Marble Slab for a treat, especially with all the coupons we have – but only for the ice cream cones, not the take-home.

Marble Slab Creamery (Queensborough Landing) on Urbanspoon


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